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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 3, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

7:00 pm >r hello, everyoyo" and we're goings to continue tonight with the horrible sexual allegations of child abuse against jerry sandusky. once again, sandusky denies he abused boys. but at the same time, he makes intriguing assertions about how penn state handled allegations against him in susa susan, what's going on here? >> reporter: don, jerry sandusky says no one at penn state ever demanded his keys to the locker room after he was accused of so domizing a boy in the shower.
7:01 pm
but there's also an unsettling response when he's asked about that interview. his new interview, at least parts of it arguably, are raising as many eyebrows as his first one. >> in an interview video taped, jerry sandusky not only repeats his denials of wrong doing, he tells the paper, "youngsters might say i was a father figure." a father figure who stands accused of 40 counts of raping and molesting young boys. in an intriguing exchange, sandusky tries to explain the way he answered nbc a few weeks ago when asked whether he sexually attracted to young boys? >> am i sexually attracted underage boys? sexually attracted, you know, i enjoy young people. >> he tells the new york times at first he wondered what to make of the question. off camera, you'll hear the voice of sandusky's lawyer prompting his client. >> if i say, no, i'm not attr t
7:02 pm
attracted to boys, that's not the truth because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls -- >> yeah, but not sexually. >> right. i enjoy. that's whatives trying to say. i enjoy spending time with young people. i enjoy spending time with people. i mean, my two favorite groups are the elderly and the young. >> an attorney who represents victim number 6 named in the grand jury report, the boy whose mother came forward in 1998 saying sandusky had showered with her son and hugged him naked from behind says the accused coach's latest explanations are hardest to watch. >> his efforts to speak are backfiring on him. and i welcome him. the more that he's willing to come out and talk, let's have it. we'll take all he's got to say about i. >> sandusky admits that after he was banned from taking young people onto penn state's main campus, following a 2002 allegation that he raped a boy
7:03 pm
in a locker room, he still had access. sandusky told the paper then athletic director never took away his keys. i still have my keys, sandusky said. and i still went in there and worked out. >> any argument that these men now are making any of this up is really weak. and if that is all that he has in terms of his defense, he is going to have really rough going in the courts. >> sandusky, again, denies that then head coach joe paterno ever mentioned anything to him about the 2002 shower allegation. sandusky faces a preliminary hearing in a couple of weeksment among the expected witnesses? at least one of his accusers. >> susan, listen, i understand he had dinner just this past summer with some of his accusers. what do you know about that? >> reporter: yes, i talked about that tonight with the lawyer representing victim number 6,
7:04 pm
who is one of the people who he said attended that dinner. and the lawyer is saying it's highly questionable why sandusky was doing that at that time because at the time of this dinner, sandusky already knew, at least should have known, it was in the press locally, at least, that he was under a grand jury investigation. and, in fact, one of these boys who attended the dinner, young men, was actually asked by police to wear a wire. but he turned them down because he said he was too nervous about it. that's what his lawyer tells me. but, instead, after the dinner was over, he did go back and report to police about that dinner. >> susan, thank you. now this. >> as of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, i am suspending my presidential
7:05 pm
campaign. >> an ironic grand opening celebration for herman cain in atlanta. cain in town to cut the ribbon on his new campaign headquarters. he's effectively ending his bid for the white house. the candidate who just a month ago was being talked about as a front runner for the republican nomination is suspending his campaign. recently, kaib hcain has denied allegations of sexual relationships. today, his eyes hidden behind dark glasses. cain broke the news to his supporte supporters. >> i am at peace with my god. i am at peace with my wife. and she is at peace with me. >> just moments ago, we received
7:06 pm
a statement from an attorney for ginger white, the woman who claims she had an affair with herman cane for 13 years. right here, ginger white respects mr. cain's decision regarding his campaign and would have respected any decision he made. that being said, she has disapointed he has not apologized for the public statements he have made about her and other women. we continue to encourage mr. cane to retract these statements and apologize. >> okay. so how did the crowd -- first, before we get to that crowd's reaction and what his wife had to say, because that's interesting, what about the crowd? >> the crowd was weird in terms of -- i've been covering herman cain since the very beginning of his presidential ambition since he formed this exploratory back in january. i've seen much larger crowds recently. >> and in georgia, this is the state that launched his bid. i was there in may right outside
7:07 pm
near here. there were thousands of people. >> reflecting the poll numbers nationwide, right? >> could be. possibly. even when i went into the crowd, some of the people were loyal supporter, but others were just there for the spectacle. >> i want to get to his wife's reaction, but what did they say to you? >> a lot of people who were there were herman cain loyalists. a lot of people there said we do not believe any of these allegations. they long ago dismissed the allegations. a lot of them feel that herman cain has been maligned by the media and they were especially sympathetic to the wife. >> so the wife is there. and i'm paraphrasing here, i'm not going to be a prop or something like that. yet, she was there. and that's the first time she has seen him. >> i was trying to think about how many times i've seen gloria cain at a herman cain event. i can only remember two.
7:08 pm
but from my travelings, i've only seen her at two. the one where he announced in may, here in atlanta, and this one. she's not known for coming out and supporting, from what some of my sources tell me, she didn't want to be out on the campaign trail. so there was a silence when she first came out and then a roar. >> listen, because we were talking about the "newsroom" yesterday and i said oh, he's not going to do it before the sunday shows. and then, once i got home and thaugt about it, and when i turn the key to my door, i said if i were coming home to someone i hadn't told about a 13 year affair, my friday night, when i caulk into that house would not be so good. i said he's not going to do it. >> yeah, i was outside the house yesterday and we were talking about it. on personal terms, not even reporting, but personal terms what it must be like kochling home the first time talking to your wife. >> yeah, 40 years in december? >> yeah, over 40 years. >> he's suspending. that's a soft landing to say i'm getting out so he can pay off
7:09 pm
all of his bills. >> if you suspend your campaign, it means you can continue to raise money, political donations and continue to spend that money on political activities. and, technically, by federal law, you're still a candidate for the office of the presidency. if you drop out, that means that you can only raise money to retire your campaign. >> we get it. we get it. yes. he's got to do all of that. >> i would imagine that other candidates, there's some behind the scenes. hey, listen, we can work this out with you, if you endorse me, i'll do this. blah, blah, blah. >> let's just say, yes to all of that. i reported earlier that the bachmann campaign and the herman cain campaign have talked. >> and they want those supporters. >> and that the bachmann campaign tells me that herman cain, some of his prop innocent supporters say you know what, we are coming over to support michelle bachmann now. but take a look at what herman
7:10 pm
cane said. >> are you endorsing michelle bachmann? >> thank you, thank you very much. not making that decision for at least several days. >> all right. so we'll get it. he doesn't want to show his hands now. did you get a chance to talk to him in person? >> i did. i did. i share a long history with herman cain. i knew him back from the tea party circuit back when people were going herman cain, who is that? >> yeah, hurricane, all of that. i broke a story about it. and i've interviewed him several times along the way. so, today, i said you know what, my last hoorah. take a listen to that, as well. >> we are not done yet. appreciate it. you were. you were. >> you were. you were. the first person to interview him on a major network or what have you. one of the things about herman
7:11 pm
cain is that he was always a pretty charming and gracious guy in person. was he flawed? probably. did he make gaps? definitely. but to the press, when you know that a lot of these kacandidate aren't the most warm and fuzzy, he is. >> boy, you said it. flawed. everybody, when you look at the other candidates in the race now and previous races, there are a lot of flawed people in the world. all right. but we don't all get the opportunity to run for leader of the free world. so different standards there. thank you. we appreciate it. up next, more on the derailment of the herman cain train. wha when did his campaign start to go off the tracks? we're diskuzing in two minutes. [ male announcer ] creating the world's first hamduckeroll? hmm. there we go. come on.
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so what did you think about this? herman cain silts down with newt gingrich and texts to talk about social security and medicare. cain, riding high in the polls was hinting about gingrich becoming his second in command. >> if you were vice president of the united states. [ applause ] >> what would you want the president to assign you to do first? >> oh, boy. now the seats are switched. the tables are turned. gingrich leading and you heard cain has effectively left the rate. goldie taylor is here to talk about the collapse of the
7:15 pm
campaign. first of all, you said this was going to happen. you remember when we sat here and you said i've known cain from -- what's the campaign? i forget. >> he ran for u.s. senate here in georgia. >> yes, you said you've known him for a very long time and you said that he would probably imploed. i remember you saying that. >> yeah. >> you have a special name for this phenomenon today? >> cain wreck. i called it a cain wreck several weeks ago on twitter and it is now trending worldwide, which is hilarious to me. but that's what's happened. a cain wreck. >> okay. so, listen, do you think he's really officially out? he's saying i'm sussuspending, you're saying that's a soft landing and have to pay off your bills. >> that is just a technical distinction. if you look at the end of john edwards' campaign, the end of hillary clinton's campaign, they all suspended. it continues them the ability in january to hit matching funds so
7:16 pm
that he can pay for the unwinding of his campaign. and so that is really just a technical distinction. but he is out of the race. >> yeah, let's talk about -- he certainly made this race interesting. and for those of us in the news media, especially in the late night comedy show, as john stuart said, don't get up, please, stay in there. but, you know, serious. there's a family involved in this. and your heart has to go out for the family. what was the clincher? do you think the clincher was his family? and what do you think that conversation was like when he opened that door for the first time since this 13 year flame? >> well, you know, there are a couple things about that. one, i wonder what took so long. if these kinds of things came out of my husband, i would expect him home immediately to talk to me about it. but you handle this in different ways. the issue here for herman cain going forward -- >> can we stop right there. you said if you -- if this happened and your husband was out on the campaign trail, again, why do you say that?
7:17 pm
>> well, i say you get on a plane and you come home immediately. that's putting family first. to wait a full week, these disclosures came out on monday. to wait a full week to come home to georgia to meat yoet your wi talk about these issues strikes me as a bit odd. i'm not part of the cain family. >> you have to feel, again, for the family. >> you have to feel, absolutely, for the family. this, at the end of the day, is about donors and whether or not they're going to continue to give and if they see a pathway to victory. when the donors say no, you've got to suspend. >> okay. someone who has any sort of -- whether it's true or not, but that there's the opportunity for someone to have claims like this with skeletons or whatever, should they really be considering a legitimate run for the presidency? >> i've said this is a legitimate crisis of americans. to believe that you can run for the president of these united states, leader of the free world, we could say, but understand that you could have these kinds of thing ins your background and not believe that
7:18 pm
they would come out in a credible way, i think that's a bit delusional, to say the least. >> but the strategy at the end, his attorney was on with piers morgan saying no candidate should be -- this is someone's personal business. that may work in the courtroom, but it duoesn't work in the cout of public opinion where it's always the media's fault. >> i think there is a standard of behavior that we expect. but at the end of the day, if you're running on the sanctity of marriage, then yours ought to be one of those marriages. >> and if you're running on transparency and telling the truth, then you have to come forward and tell the truth when asked the questions. >> you ought to be able to tell the truth. there's a congressman who is still in congress today because he got caught, came out and said i have sinned, i have done wrong. he's still in congress today. >> just real quickly, endorsement? >> yeah, there will be an endorsement. but i don't think that capitalists is going to work out the way people suspect.
7:19 pm
he's going to endorse the person that can do a couple things for him. one, ensure his future and two, help him sunset some of that debt. >> do you have any idea? >> i don't have a crystal ball. i know that numerous people are talking to michelle bachmann. i don't think he gets around endorsing newt gingrich, his friend. >> goldie, thank you. much appreciated. our top story this hour, jerry sandusky speaking out. the former penn state assistant football coach talking about his relationship with the charges he now faces. the local reporter who talked to us the day the scandal blew wide open joins us now in just a few minutes. [ female announcer ] if you're considering going back to school, you have options. you can attend our online program or if you prefer a classroom experience... look no further than your own neighborhood. we have over 200 campuses and learning centers around the country.
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>> do you have a lot of friends? >> yes. >> you're a popular kid. >> yeah. >> that feels good? >> yep. >> what do you think you want to be when you grow up? >> pilot. >> really? >> pilot, monster truck driver and architect. >> those families who are making a decision about meds, what do you say to those parents? >> you've got to do what you've got to do. >> steve perry, oakland gardens, new york. it's amazing.
7:25 pm
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let's go back to penn state now and the long interview, former assistant football coach jerry sandusky has given to the new york times. the patriot news joins us now. she has been covering this since the very beginning, since it really started to become a big story here. what's the reaction now, sarah, to what sandusky is staying in this interview? >> reporter: well, i heard from two attorneys today. when you call this interview an
7:28 pm
unconvincing denial and a series of bizarre explanations. another one you said that every denial attempt that sandusky makes inflicts more suffering on the actual victims. other words that i heard today were disturbing, delusional. so, you know, the reaction to this actually seems to be very similar to the reaction to the first interview that jerry sandusky gave to bob costa on nbc. and in both interviews, i think some of the similarities are that he cat gorically denies all the claims but talks about his love for young people in a way that some people, you know, really don't like to hear, given what's gone down in the last month. and, you know, a lot of the things that he said, also, are inline with what his attorney told us earlier this week, that they plan to fight each and every case at this point because they feel they have a strong defense and all eight of those cases brought forward by the state attorney general's office. >> the interesting thing, sa rarks when you talked about -- when you were talking about
7:29 pm
this, how it's enfur rating to the victims, you have the question the wisdom of his attorney for allowing him to do this again, and, also, his maturity level for someone who is accused of the horrible crimes that he's accused of to not really understand what someone is saying to them. apparently -- are you attracted to someone? clearly, they mean sexually attracted. for him to sort of fumble over that again, you would have to question his maturity level. >> well, two things there. earlier this week when i sat down with his attorney, he actually said to me that people who know jerry know that he's really a big kid. and that his maturity level is, you know, at a kid's level. and he said that people who know him aren't surprised. he's saying things like i did shower with kids and i was horsing around with kids. and in the course of playing football or wrestling with kids, this might have happened. but the people who don't know him and don't understand his personality wouldn't get that.
7:30 pm
that's what his attorney said earlier this week. now, as far as this decision to put him on tv and do this again, i asked his attorney last week, or earlier this week, you know, what the reaction was to that first interview. and he said that he got good feed back from colleagues who said you had to put him out there. you had to have him make his statement and proclaim his innocence. that's what we're seeing today. >> sarah, thank you, great analysis. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you, don. >> our country has been at war now for more than a decade. soldiers return home knowing they face another deployment soon enough. the pull out from iraq could change all of that. >> reporter: hey, don, i know you've seen a lot of these homecomings over the years. it just never, ever gets old. but in the case of this one, it's very special that in the case of iraq, there is no "next
7:31 pm
time." >> it's really hard to describe the emotion that was going on here before the troops arrived. i mean, kids were running around, jumping up and down, they had so much excitement, anticipation of the families, it's been a long ten months. and then, all of the sudden, the smoke starts coming out and the gate rises up. and the soldiers come out like rockstars, literally. the crowd is screaming. everyone tried to make the speeches very, very short because the highlight was seeing these troops rush into the arms of their loved ones, hugging, kissing, trying to catch up over what's been missed over the last 10 months. >> a lot has gone on. we put our first one in preschool, our first one in high school. yeah, it's big. you know. and we put one in college this year. so it has been a very long ten months. but it's over. >> there's a sense of peace knowing that that's one less
7:32 pm
opportunity for us to be separated from our families. we know we still have our operations going on in afghanistan, other contingency operations that come up. but we know what has consumed so much of our careers recently as a profession, to know that that's not there looming over us is certainly piece of mind. >> so the troops have to report for reintegration training, basically learning how to acclimate to being back home and back with their families again. after that, they get about 30 days leave to kick back, spend time with the family and maybe start fo let it sink in that they were some of the last troops to walk out of iraq and that there won't be anymore of them going back. don? >> chris lawrence, thank you very much. from your personal finances to spending for the holidays, we've got some cool tech gadgets to show you straight ahead. look at that table, i'm taking everything home. plus, thousands of californians
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southern california has certainly endured some wild weather this week.
7:36 pm
unusually strong winds have whipped the region toppling trees and leaving thousands without power. jackie here with more to tell us about those winds out west. crazy as i watched that. >> yeah, it's really amazing. check out the pictures. we have some amazing video here showing you the huge trees that just toppled over on top of houses, on top of buildings, on top of power lines. and thousands of people are without power. and officials are telling us it could be a month before all power is restored. and, unfortunately, don, this event isn't over with. the worst of that really came into play wednesday night. well, we're still dealing with winds today between 40 and 65 miles per hour. take a look at some of the gusts that we've already seen across southern california today. this is going to stick with us here all the way through the weekend. so not just today, but also through tomorrow. and these are really dry winds. so it's dry winds that move down the mountains. they heat up and they accelerate. that's why they get so fast and that is really what can make wild fires spread.
7:37 pm
if anything sparks here, we can have a very serious situation. but a number of smaller acreage fires, thankfully all of which have stayed in control. now, our weather pattern is going to set up as we're going to see the series of storms moving on through. the big maker is here right now across the plains states and it's bringing in some flooding rains, some heavy snow on the backside of it. our winds today being caused by this area of low pressure developing into the four corners region. and the next one, way up here we're going to get high pressure diving on down and we're looking for a major event once again. probably starting sunday night and continuing into tuesday. so a very active pattern bringing all kinds of weather down. we've got winds, snow and the flooding rains as wel. >> i'm sitting here laughing because we have to wear these things, we put it on our waistbands, right. women don't always have waistbands. show them where you have to keep yours. they're in your boots. >> it's on the back of my boots right there.
7:38 pm
yeah, when you wear a dress, your options are limited, don. >> it's so funny watching you. what do they call it? ingenuity. thank you, jackie. appreciate it. what do you call it? fourth wall we're taking out. ? okay, turning to finances, a holiday schedule. thefts, robberies and scams are more prominent this time of year. first, let's talk about protecting yourself from hidden bank fees. we want to go to terry savage, she's the author of the book, "the savage truth" on money. hey, terry, good to see you. she's live from chicago. beautiful, beautiful michigan avenue, looks like behind her. terry, where are these hidden fees? >> yeah, hi, don. you know, the banks are picking your pocket, too. they have to give you 30 days notice before they change the terms of your checking account. so you're starting to see some little notices. you should pay attention to those. they're starting to charge
7:39 pm
monthly fees or giving you a minimum that you have to keep to avoid those fees. some of them are asking you to pay for online bill payment, which is really ridiculous since you're saving them money because they don't have to pay to process the paper checks. wire transfers, they may charge you a fee. and all other things like certified which she cans and bank services that used to be free, they're adding those on and, even some cases, higher atm fees. so pay attention. they're hoping you're so busy shopping you won't notice. but they are starting to raise fees and a lot of that will start in january. >> so, terry, any advice for keeping your money safe while shopping? >> okay, before we get into this, don, where is your wallet? right now? >> oh, it's right here on the set. it's not with me. it's in a little cub by we keep here? >> are you sure? >> yeah, i have it. i got it. >> how would you feel if i told
7:40 pm
you it's not there. a moment of panic, right? >> yes. i would. >> okay. do you know what's in your wallet? would you know where to start filling out the forms and finding all the credit cards and everything you'd have to replace this that's the real problem. here's my tip. first of all, look at your wallet and take out the stuff you don't really need to be carrying around. and then, as you put things back in, make a list. for your credit cards, put in not only the account number, but turn it over and make a list of the toll free number you have to call in case your wallet is stolen. you'll be in a panic. and then only put back the kinds of things you really need. you'll probably need to carry your health insurance card and your auto insurance. maybe a bus or a transit card, a health club mum ber ship. but make a list of what's in your wallet so you know what's there. and in case your wallet is ta n taken, you know exactly how to put things back together and stop payment. >> that's some very good advice. i never thought about that.
7:41 pm
thank you very much, terry. what about security for online shopping? >> you know, if you ever sit in a coffee shop and you watch people on their computers, i'm always going please, please, please don't be doing any banking or shopping on an insecure wifi. that's really dangerous. other people there can log on and track your movements. so make sure that you're in a locked wifi if you're going to do some shopping online. beyond that, shop at secure sites. if you look at the top left-hand corner that says https instead of just http, that means it's a more secure shopping site. and many of the larger companies don't have that but are very secure. make sure you're dealing with people you know. never send your credit card information by e-mail. the person who is receiving it might be sitting in that coffee shop. that's very insecure. you know, check your credit card balances on line. if you're paying your bills online, check and see so you know that your account hasn't been used by someone else.
7:42 pm
you're a hundred percent protected for fraud for visa or master cards. but instead of using your debit card, be sure to use your debit card. in your debit card, they could drain your bank account. as long as you practice safe online shopping, it will save you a lot of time and aggravation. but don't be careless. >> and you can always go out to the brick and mortar stores like the beautiful ones behind terry savage in schicago. >> you should see it. everybody is shopping tonight. the lights are on and it's starting to be a very good holiday season, especially with the good news of employment. things are picking up. >> it is a toggle town, as they say. thank you very much. we're going to post terry's tips on our blog and you can check it out at and on, you can e-mail terry your finance questions. does it always seem your iphone battery ones out way too fast? check out what i'm using on min
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i feel like i'm back on a morning show at this table. let's just show the table here. this is the 14th hour of the cnn morning show. >> yes. >> and now we've gone to the table. >> it's time for the fun segment. [ laughter ] >> so the question is, have you finished your holiday shopping yet? of course, most people haven't even started yet. if you're like most of us, there's still plenty of names to cross off your list. and if you're hard to shop for, we've got so many ideas for you. tech reporter is here to show us all of this stuff. so, kateie, take it away. >> first of all, you've got to wear this. it's 12 bucks. >> i can't wear it. you're going to mess up my fro. >> it's perfect for you. and, to accompany it, here is your $99, it's on sale, light saber. and i've got one for jackie,
7:47 pm
too. so, here, let me show you how it works. you just turn on the on button. each one is dimpblt. fire that up. oh, really. >> they sound awesome. these are so awesome. >> it's like you can't even figure it out. you slide yours up. >> there you go. >> and it has authentic sounds from the movie. let's go. >> i'm going to get in trouble. i'm hitting a lady. >> oh, okay. >> isn't the saber really durable, too? this is a really good product for a hundred dollars. >> that's a lot of money for a light saber. >> okay, this is a think geek. if you know somebody that loves star wars hundred dollars. every single one is different. one of my top recommendation. >> oh, there it is, this is a hundred bucks. >> i think it's a deal. >> can you imagine if i was a parent? this would annoy the heck out of me. >> it would. >> and it's authentic sounds from the movie.
7:48 pm
officially licensed merchandise. >> all right, we've got to move on. we've got a will the to get through. >> all right, jackie. >> let's start with the list. first off, i want to talk holiday etiquette. you're probably already getting those e-cards in the mail which are totally passe. what i want to recommend doing is there's an app for that. >> i block them, by the way. >> they're annoying. nobody wants it. the first type i want to start with is posto kbrks ram. this is, for 99 cent, you can create a custom postcard. and, this little piece right here, as you can see, it pops out. so they have a take away. 99 cents, take a picture from your smart phone. another app that i love. h is inserely. it's a 5 by 7. starts at $1.69 for a to show
7:49 pm
quality it is for $1.69. you look good. >> it's from my four square account. okay, so post-a-gram and sincerely, two apps. apple has the app called cards. you can send a high-quality card, using the photos from your smart phone, create a personalized message. you get a little push notifification. >> next, let's go to the one that you love which is the juice pack. now, how many times do we have something that has an i phone that says i'm running out of juice. it ranges from $39.95 to $99.95. now, you might say a hundred extra dollars, it's expensive. but it's good for a device that you have on you. this, there's that connection
7:50 pm
that's going to charge your is. it plugs in via usb. you can put this on your key chain. >> wait till you hear about -- hold on. i know, i know. these are the magic gloves that everyone wants to know about. why? hold that thought! we'll tell you after the break. sarah, will you marry me? i think we should see other people. in fact, i'm already seeing your best friend, justin. ♪ i would have appreciated a proactive update on the status of our relationship. who do you think i am, tim? quicken loans? at quicken loans, we provide you with proactive updates on the status of your home loan. and our innovative online tools
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7:53 pm
katie is back to tell us about the holiday gifts. >> free, $18 to $35. you can get a nice pair with cashmere. the tips, can you use your touch screen on your phone and tablet. the option i have takes your tip off so you can put it on, put it off. >> you usually can't do that with gloves. >> i want to talk gaming. i'm obsessed with gaming.
7:54 pm
i also love zelda. it comes with a gold wiimote. if you have kids certainly to look for. next less talk about audio. there's a lot of different docking stations in terms of music. my go-to is the sono play three. if you're looking for a great wireless system in your home, you can have multiple ones of these. of course you can control it from your ipad, computer or phone. nice option. zif saw this one when you guys were coming into the studio. >> this is fincredible. this is an electronic pet fish. it doesn't crap. the only down side is it only available at the cracker barrel. >> what?
7:55 pm
you mean the cracker barrel food place? >> zooming through these. these are slingshot monkeys. in terms of a stocking stuffer option. you just fire them off. >> oh, the monkey goes away. i thought you did it -- oh, you do both of them. >> yeah, yeah. you got to take it by its arm and its tail. >> one arm and one tail. okay. >> okay. moving on. $7, nice little stocking stuff are option. had is very practical for the lady in your life. these are my two laptop bags. go ahead and zip that open. it's made for an ipad and there's a bigger option for your laptop. what's cool is i fit my mac book in here, the ipad, this takes the place of my purse. looks really hit.
7:56 pm
let's talk about ereaders. you can get the kindle for $109 now with without ads and barnes and noble's simple touch reader for access to thousands of books. great little christmas option. >> and where did that one come from? >> oh, hello sec championship. >> was that a little gift for you? >> yes, it was. >> great stocking stuffers. >> we're back tomorrow with more gifts. at 7:45. parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there.
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coming up at 10:00 eastern tonight. >> look at this. >> look at this huge great white shark spotted off the carolina coast. kind of reminds you of the famous jaw shark. how rare is this type of sighting and what would you do if confronted by a giant man eater? a scientist says everyone, including you, should know what to do if that happens. i'm don lemon. see you back here at 10:00 p.m. eastern. cnn presents "to catch a serial killer" begins in a


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